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Fine gauge fabrics

Cutting-edge technology and optimal performance. Lightweight and versatile with innovative aesthetics, adaptable to all sport uses.

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The 2.0 division focuses on product development by applying state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. We guarantee maximum opacity, lightness and adaptability to the athlete’s body to guarantee the very best performance and comfort.

Thanks to the high mesh density, we can produce an ultra-lightweight and compact product with great opacity and comfort, which up until now hadn’t been possible with regular fabrics.

Our 2.0 fabrics boast excellent breathability and innovative aesthetics while also being very comfortable, adaptable, lightweight, elastic and compressive. Thanks to their great versatility, 2.0 products are highly effective for all types of disciplines and sports. The 2.0 family includes products ranging from 40 g/m² to 350 g/m² and can be manufactured with proportions of up to 40% elastomer.