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Permanent and chemical-free

Fabrics with a groundbreaking construction that keep the body cool and dry.

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The human body reacts to temperature, humidity or physical effort by releasing energy. This energy turns into sweat, which must be removed as quickly as possible to avoid sudden variations in body temperature. Dryclim speeds up the elimination of sweat permanently and without chemicals.

Fabrics made with Dryclim technology have two layers with different functions:

– Inner layer: special thick fibres that channel moisture and enable great breathability.
– Outer layer: microsection fibres that absorb moisture from the inner layer and evaporate it quickly.

Dryclim is permanent and chemical-free thanks to its construction features, giving it characteristics such as better breathability, utmost comfort and quick drying, while keeping the body cool and dry.

Studies carried out at approved laboratories and under ISO standards show that even in conditions of close to 100% humidity Dryclim is only 25% wet inside and 75% on the outer side. Fabrics of a similar performance from other brands and with channel section fibre show an equal proportion of moisture on both sides. Dryclim doesn’t stick to the body and delivers a very high feeling of comfort that helps boost performance.