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2.0 Clean Cut Dryclim Drystorm Ecorec Microfibra Suede


Full protection and extremely comfortable

Waterproof, breathable and windproof: three layers with polyurethane membrane. Full protection and extremely comfortable.

Drystorm membrane tissues consist of three layers. The outer layer of the fabric is waterproof, the membrane breathes outwards and doesn't let the wind through, while the inner layer absorbs moisture and transports it outside, regulating the temperature inside.

Drystorm features a polyurethane or polyester membrane between 8 and 15 microns thick that is placed between two layers of fabric of the same or different construction, with these two layers being combined according to the end use of the garment. The layers are adhered by a rolling process.

Drystorm fabrics deliver high thermal insulation, excellent breathability, utmost sporting performance and a whole host of combinations in the inner and outer layer of the membrane.

The extensive range of Drystorm products is made up of different mixtures of brushed or non-brushed sublimated fabrics ranging between 70 and 380 g/m². All these combinations make it suitable for all types of sports.

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