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SPW Fabrics

SPW Fabrics was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals with a tradition in textiles and a desire to create a specialised fabric structure for the world of sports, technical clothing and prints.

More than twenty-five years have gone by and the initial project has become a reality. We’re now an industry-leading company and we provide a whole host of technical and cutting-edge fabrics that are popular across the world.

We specialise in manufacturing circular synthetic fabrics based on polyester, polyamides, elastanes, cationic fibres and other blends. We complement our range with warp knit and flat knit products.

In the last few years, we’ve remained faithful to our principles while expanding and modernising our facilities in order to enhance our products and our service. This is all complemented by a very dynamic and professional team.

We have different types of technologies applied to product lines for sports with brand-specific properties.

Our collections focus on three specific markets: leisure and sports, athleisure and prints. We’ve also launched a collection called Stock Service, which is a compendium of the most commonly used custom fabrics with a maximum delivery time of ten days for smaller orders.

Constant innovation

Constant innovation means that we are always improving our product range and quality standards. It’s also thanks to our machinery that we can work from one piece per colour for samples and accessories.

All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 Class I.

Our products

Our collection features more than two hundred fabrics for all types of sportswear (active and fashion), workwear and swimwear, developed in various polyester, polyester/elastane and polyamide/elastane fibres.

Quality / R+D


We have a wide range of circular knitting machines, dyes and finishes, as well as a digital printing division for polyester and polyamide.

Knitting plant

Production capacity between

8.000 to 10.000 kg/day

We’re experts in increasingly lightweight and compact fabrics, plain designs and fine-gauge jacquards. We weave polyamide, polyester (with or without elastane) and recycled polyester. We produce high performance fabrics from 35 to 450 g/m² for all types of markets.


7.000 kg/day

We dye between 50 and 2,000 metres per batch.

Experts in synthetic fibres: we dye all types of polyester and polyamide with chemical products that comply with REACH, Oeko-Tex, anti-pollution and low-impact standards. Thanks to our high-temperature jets, we regulate water consumption and deliver maximum productivity while respecting the environment.


Colour development

Lab dips in four working days

At the request of our customers, we create brand new bespoke fabrics. We invest in the future by developing two collections a year for sportswear and leisurewear. More than 200 items in the standard collection and a portfolio of 3,000 products.


Oeko Tex 100 Class I

Quality standard

Meticulous control in all production processes (weight, width, strength, elasticity) and inspection of all aspects of the fabric: snagging, pilling, abrasion, UV protection, etc. We visually inspect the fabric before delivery and during the production process.


Daily printing capacity:

6,700m of polyamide and 2,000m of polyester

Besides our annual swimwear and leggings collections, we also develop and print exclusive and bespoke designs for our clients with the utmost confidentiality. Meticulous control of designs and colours to ensure utmost quality.


Flexibility and capacity: two stenters that can reach

42.000 m/day

We apply numerous processes onto fabrics (brushing, coal micro-brushing, shearing, etc.) to provide a whole host of finishes on all our items (antibacterial, water-attracting, water-repellent, silicone, etc.). Our goal: to provide the best possible service with maximum agility.