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SPW Fabrics is using the most innovative technologies to produce fabrics for sports, technical clothing and prints. Our R&D department is in continuous research of new procedures and machinery to be able to offer the newest fabrics on the market.


High performance cycling fabrics

Specially designed for pro cycling gear, provides clean cut technology, high compression, maximum coverage & abrasion resistance.


Highly breathable & elastic fabrics for athletes

Due to its advanced technology, DryClim quickly pulls the moisture away, keeping the athlete dry and comfortable.


Engineered knit ergonomic fabrics

Thanks to the most advanced knitting technology, Quantik offers multi-structured compression, grip & jacquard, creating a 100% customized fabric engineered to ensure the athletes best performance.


Recycled yarn fabrics

EcoRec, made with recycled fibers, helps to reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint. GRS certified form yarn to garment.


Comfortable active sports fabrics

Made of microfiber & multifilament yarns, Essense ensures maximum softness, comfort and performance.


Multi-layer weatherproof fabrics

Due to its bonding technology, DryStorm ensures maximum protection against adverse weather conditions.


Thermoregulation sports fabrics

Due to its brushing technology, it creates an air chamber that keeps the athlete warm and comfortable.