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Sportwear is using the most innovative technologies to produce fabrics for sports, technical clothing and prints. Our R&D department is in continuous research of new procedures and machinery to be able to offer the newest fabrics on the market.


Fine gauge fabrics

Cutting-edge technology and optimal performance. Lightweight and versatile with innovative aesthetics, adaptable to all sport uses

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Clean Cut

Clean cut and ripstop fabrics

Clean-cut and ripstop fabrics.
Seam-free design.

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Permanent and chemical-free

Fabrics with a groundbreaking construction that keep the body cool and dry. Permanent and chemical-free.

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Full protection and extremely comfortable

Waterproof, breathable and windproof: three layers with polyurethane membrane. Full protection and extremely comfortable.

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Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly fabrics made from recycled polyester.

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Quickly disperse sweat

Microfibra fabrics, developed from microfibres to enhance comfort, quickly disperse sweat thanks to their structure and the type of fibre used.

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Ideal for direct skin contact

Micro-brushed fabrics with an ultra-soft touch. Ideal for direct skin contact.

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