SPW Fabrics

Adaptation to the COVID19 crisis

The production and fabrics of SPW Fabrics adapts to combat the COVID19. Fabrics for masks and gowns in polyester, washable at 60º antibacterial or water repellent treatment on request.

560401 LESAKA 100%PES 135g/m2 Basic for masks, often used as a two layers mask with a philter inside as a third layer.

527401 LOCK 100%PES 150g/m2 Heavier basic, available with water repellent and anti-stain treatment. Homologated by the French IFTH: “surblouse antisalissure”.

579501 PEPLUM PERCHADO 100%PES 170g/m2 Medium weight barrer fabric, fine gauge and brushed for high philtration capacity. Water repellent treatment.

500803 ZUBI GRUESO 100%PES 195g/m2 Medium weight barrer fabric, very resistant, usually used for rugby polos.

100407 CARMEN PESADO 92%PES 8%EA 210g/m2 Medium/height weight elastic barreer fabric, standard gauge, medium protection.

119005 PLATON PESADO 84%PES 16%EA 210g/m2 Medium/height weight elastic barreer fabric, with fine gauge for a higher protection.

555101 OSLO 100%PES 250g/m2 Heavy weight barrer fabric, used for rugby polos. It offers 54% of aerosol protection.

103801 CROW POWER 74%PES 26%Lycra 260g/m2 Heavy weight elastic barrer fabric, with fine gauge and high elastic modulus for a higher protection.

601201 NASSAU SARGA 100%PES 190g/m2 Thick woven fabric. It offers >90% of aerosol protection (to be validated). Brushed one side.

603003 BATUI PERCH 80%PES 20%PA 220g/m2 Thick woven fabric. It offers >90% of aerosol protection. Brushed one side.

– Fabric complex approved as per French AFNOR norms and rules:       • BATUI PERCHADO (one layer) Class 1       • NASSAU SARGA (one layer) Class 1

– Fabric complex pending approval as per French AFNOR norms and rules:       • CROW POWER (one layer)       • OSLO + OSLO       • OSLO + PLATON       • PLATON + PLATON       • PLATON + LOCK + OSLO

The following compositions comply with European standards according to regulations: • UNE 0065 • UNE 0064 – Respirabilidad 44 Pa/cm2 • EN 14683:2019 Medical face masks.

LOCK+NEWTON+LOCK (527401 + 585101 + 527401)